Derek has many talents and an insatiable desire to get ahead. At every job, he quickly demonstrates that his actual skills far outnumber those listed on his résumé. His crazy skills and unrivaled desire to succeed help Derek stand out almost immediately.

His mindset steers the ship of his career goals—however loosely he has defined them. It helps drive every decision he makes—consciously and subconsciously.

Career success for Derek is nearly a sure thing. He always leaps up the company ladder wherever he works.

Yet … despite all this success, Derek has a problem.

He starts a new job, rises through the ranks quickly, receives bonuses and raises … but then he grows restless.

Soon he’s on to the next job, and the cycle begins again.

Derek lacks focus and a long-term plan; and he doesn’t have anything upon which to anchor his ambition and goals.

He lacks a foundation.

Derek’s predicament can be illustrative of the Christian life—if we fail to develop a Kingdom focus for our lives.

Just like Derek, we need something upon which to anchor our goals, work, aspirations and commitments. Something that gives meaning to our work and sets our priorities.

Without a Kingdom focus, our lives can easily become adrift—having goals and dreams that will inevitably leave us feeling empty and void of a larger purpose.

A Kingdom focus means allowing Christ’s vision and mindset to define our goals. It’s about seeing the world through His eyes and living with an eternal attitude at the core of our being.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33, NIV).

This doesn’t necessarily mean our lives won’t in some ways mirror Derek’s—moving from one thing to the next—but it does mean we’ll be focused on something that drives our decisions, which is deeper than the next paycheck, raise or promotion.

Having a Kingdom focus also means drawing closer to Christ, becoming more aware of and committed to what He wants to do with our lives, and being willing to set aside personal goals if/when they collide with Kingdom goals.

That’s not always easy to comprehend, but we gain insight and exposure in all we do as we grow in Christ.

If we have our foundation in Christ and are firmly rooted with a Kingdom focus, our decisions take on a new framework—and entail new meaning.

Just think how impactful Derek could be if a Kingdom focus directed his life.

And just think how impactful all of us could be with that same focus!

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