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God has placed a unique and compelling vision on your church’s collective heart. He wants you to continue reaching people in your community. Jesus’ love is being demonstrated, needs are being met, and lives are being transformed.

But maybe it’s time to expand your reach or consider new ways to interact with people in your community.

The specifics will look different for each congregation. God may be leading you to grow your church footprint—either with a new building, a renovation of an existing structure or maybe something completely different.

Maybe you’ve already communicated this new vision, and enthusiasm is growing and your community is eager to experience God’s love in even greater capacity.

Each day, hundreds of congregations across the country are faced with this exciting prospect. A God-inspired dream, a congregation united behind a common vision, and a community in need of God’s love.

But even when all these things are in place, the next step in the process can be challenging: finding the right loan partner who understands you and your needs. And doesn’t just see you as another client.

You can go to a commercial bank. But do they really understand your vision? Do they know what’s in your heart and why you want to create new ministry space?

If not, can your project live up to the potential that God inspired within you?

Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking for a church loan designed and customized for you:

1. If you work with Christian Investors Financial (CIF) for your loan, you’ll feel as if you’re working with family. In addition to the family feel, you’ll also be helping the EFCA and other like-minded churches across the country!

2. CIF locks in your 5-year rate when you sign your loan. 

3. CIF’s loan rate is the same for construction and the initial time period—no concerns about changing construction interest rates.

4. CIF offers 25-year amortization—allowing greater flexibility if your cash flow becomes tight.

5. CIF’s note matures in 25 years, not the 10 years common for most commercial lenders.

Need more reasons? Visit or call us (800.995.8574) to see how we can help you realize the God-given dream that is driving your congregation!  

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