Each of us is blessed with a certain number of years on this planet. For some, that time is relatively short. For others, the decades seemingly stretch on one after another.

Regardless of the number of years we’re granted, it’s written in our genetic code that we want to be remembered. When we’re gone, we want our family and friends to recall how we impacted their lives. Maybe with kindness, generosity, mentorship, or a thousand other behaviors or traits that left an indelible impact.

This is important, and we all should strive to live in such a way where our lives are not easily forgotten. We typically think of this as “leaving a legacy.” Leaving something behind that tangibly speaks to who we were and how we lived.

This can speak to everything from how we treated our children, spouse or friends to how we handled crises, job transfers and our finances.

However, the “leaving a legacy” approach focuses mainly on one thing: looking behind to see what you’ve done or left. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but it tends to look in the rear-view mirror and not at the road ahead.

If we’re concerned about “leaving a legacy,” it seems important that we should also be concerned about “living a legacy.” “Leaving a legacy” is natural and normal. “Living a legacy” is radical and life changing—for you and for those you touch.

Living a legacy means becoming proactive in how you live each day in order to maximize your impact on those you love. It means passionately living out your faith each day so that Christ is glorified and others are encouraged to live more like Him; or if they don’t know Him—to take steps to discover more about Christ.

This fall, we will release an eBook titled The 5-Week Living a Legacy Challenge. Each week will include a short devotional followed by practical steps to live your legacy. We hope it challenges you to think about the here and now as a way to impact your world for Christ.

Look for announcement in the next several weeks on how to get your copy of The 5-Week Living a Legacy Challenge!

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