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A church capital campaign process can seem daunting. It can easily consume months or years of your time and energy.

The Campaigns & Consulting team at CIF has helped hundreds of churches across the country walk this journey and arrive successfully at their destination. A destination that prepares churches to expand their gospel outreach and reach their Kingdom potential.

The C&C team has outlined four mains steps of the process and how they help churches through each stage.

Assess: Where Is God Leading Us?

At this stage, an initial assessment is conducted that considers available assets and appropriate level of debt and timing. This assessment will help you understand the advisable project size and possible campaign goal. If a more in-depth assessment is needed, Feasibility Studies and Surveys provide an extensive analysis on feasibility for your specific environment and project.

A crucial part of this stage is Mission and Vision Clarification. Through biblically-based consulting, we help articulate your God-given vision for the future. A more comprehensive Mission and Vision Clarification service is readily available if a mission or vision remains unclear.

Strategic Planning is available as an additional service to help plan the steps leading to your vision.

Prepare: What Is Our Plan?

Christian Investors Financial (CIF) will work with you to design a campaign process customized to fit your unique church or ministry culture. The process is understandable and designed to utilize the gifts of your campaign leadership participants.

Implement: What Does God Want to do Through Us?

Our regular on-site visits with church or ministry leaders help ensure the realization of a campaign’s fullest potential. We continually provide training, counsel, coaching and assistance during your project’s implementation.

Follow-up: How Can We Finish Strong?

CIF stands by your church or ministry through campaign completion. This typically means up to 42 months to assist with formal follow-up of the campaign plan and the financial commitments initially made. Without formal follow-ups, few campaigns receive 100% of the commitments. Our follow-up plan assists in full realization of the campaign goal and the initial financial commitments.

So if your church or ministry is concerned about the potential of a daunting capital campaign, contact CIF and see how we can successfully walk you through each step of the process—so you can expand your Kingdom reach!  

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