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It probably happens several times during our Christian journey. We move to a new city, state or neighborhood and need to look for a new church.

Or maybe the church search is more intentional because of doctrinal disagreements or a perceived lack of spiritual growth opportunities—or numerous other possibilities.

Or maybe you just became a Christian, and you’re looking for your first church.

Regardless of the reason, the search for a new church can be challenging. There are tons of things to consider, including the type of worship style, the pastor’s approach to sermons, the friendliness of the congregation, the church’s commitment to outreach in its community … around the world, whether it’s part of a specific denomination, etc.  

These are all good things to investigate as you decide what church to attend. In addition to these—and other—important criteria, some people are drawn to certain types of churches based on size. Some are captivated by smaller churches, while others are drawn to larger congregations.

There are certainly a variety of reasons for this, but here are a few attributes of smaller and larger churches to consider during your search:

Advantages of smaller churches (up to 200 people):

▪ Generally, have a better chance to get to know people.

▪ Easier to become involved in activities.

▪ Your voice—whether it’s on a church committee, as an elder, on the board—might carry more weight than at a church 10 times as large.

Advantages of larger churches (500 and above):

▪ More opportunities to serve on a variety of initiatives, programs, etc.

▪ Generally, more resources available to fund programs and outreaches.

▪ More offerings available for Bible studies and Sunday school classes. 

Both options are equally good; it just depends on what appeals to you—and your family—at this stage in your life.

And, of course, pray about your decision. God may have a specific reason for you to attend a church based on His desires for your spiritual journey.

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