That was one of the topics of a recent survey by LifeWay Research and the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism. What they discovered is that the unchurched are “happy to talk about religion and often think about the meaning of life.”

However, they are not eager to attend a worship service. More of them would consider attending an activity sponsored by your church, such as a community service project, an event regarding neighborhood safety, or a sports program.

That’s not surprising, considering a worship service can be intimidating to someone who doesn’t regularly attend church or maybe even have a good idea of what to expect at a worship service.

In a recent blog, we discussed five ways to make your church the center of the community. Events or activities at your church are often wonderful ways to introduce people to your church in a non-threatening way. It also exposes them to your church body, which will help them experience Christ-like love. 

The survey also discovered that people believe “there’s an ultimate plan and purpose” for their lives and nearly 60 percent believe “it’s important for them to find their deeper purpose in life.” So even if people aren’t regularly attending church, they are still wrestling with the deeper questions of life … questions you can help them answer by sharing your faith story.

While attendance at American churches may be declining—for now—people are still interested in faith and understanding how their lives have meaning. It’s up to the Church—the body of Christ on earth—to discover ways to reach them in this new reality.    

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