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We hear the term “investing” a lot. Investing in the stock market. Investing in a company. Investing your time in a project.

We’re familiar with investing our dollars in something that gains us a return. However, in our ever-changing world, it can be difficult to know exactly the values of the companies who utilize our dollars.

Many people want their values to be represented in how they invest. They want their faith to inform their commitments and don’t want their resources funding projects or companies or initiatives that violate these principles.

In response to this dilemma, some have asked if there is such a thing as “Christian investing” or “values-driven investing?”

It’s basically understanding how your faith and commitments impact how and where you invest your money.

Ask yourself: Where can I invest my money where it will not only make a return but also do good things?

When we invest, we want to see a return, but we also want to know that we are investing in things that improve lives and make our world better.

At Christian Investors Financial, our primary investment—and indeed the reason we exist—is in loans to help churches grow their ministry impact. By ministry impact, we mean giving churches the tools and resources they need to grow their space, expand their facility or develop a completely new facility. This allows them to further reach into their communities with the love of Jesus.

We’re blessed to be involved in this type of investment where we not only earn a return but more importantly are helping build God’s Kingdom.

Whether you invest with CIF or with another organization, it’s important to consider how your investment can make a positive impact on our world. Are you looking for just a great return, or are you looking for a return and a chance to help grow God’s Kingdom? 

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