If your church has big plans for the future—and it should—then you’ve probably developed a strategic plan. It’s a great way to identify the unique elements of who you are as a church and where you want to go. And, most importantly, how to get there.

If your church hasn’t yet developed a strategic plan, here are three questions to consider as you get started:

1. What is the current situation at your church?

Is your organization healthy; are you attracting new people; is there notable conflict among the staff or parishioners; are you serving your congregation well and meeting needs; are you involved in the community? These and other pertinent questions can give you a broad overview of your church’s status.

Once you have secured this overview, you can assess if you’re ready to move forward or where you need to invest more time.

2. Where is God leading you?

This can be answered in any number of ways, but all of them are important. What passion has God placed on the leaders’ hearts? Is it to communicate the gospel to your neighborhood? Is it to transform your city? Maybe it’s about developing disciples to share Christ around the world. Whatever it is—and this is unique to your church—you should know it precisely, intimately and passionately.

This is the heartbeat of your church, and no other church has a heartbeat exactly like it.

3. How do you get from “here” (where you are at today) to “there” (your vision)?

Now that you know the current situation at your church and where God is leading you, what are your plans to arrive at your destination? In travel speak: Your trip is planned, everyone is on-board, and now you need to determine your route.

This involves developing the steps to help you arrive at your destination. This will vary with each church, but it should include a timeline and resources available.

A strategic plan isn’t a panacea; it’s a guide. But it’s a great tool, along with the Holy Spirit, to help direct you to where God wants you to be!


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