When the word generosity comes to mind, most of us immediately think of money. We tend to equate generosity with sharing our monetary resources.

And that’s perfectly right and acceptable.

But if we look at generosity from a broader perspective, it incorporates not only being self-sacrificial with our finances, but also with our time, energy and relationships.

When we think about it, some of the most important and compelling experiences in our lives were the result of someone demonstrating generosity to us. A spouse, friend, co-worker, pastor or maybe even a stranger. It wasn’t necessarily their monetary generosity, but their personal generosity that made an impact.

As we think about growing closer to Christ, here are three ways we can live more generously:

1. Commit to volunteering. This has become even more challenging as our lives have become more complex and busy. Yet it’s a significant way to demonstrate generosity. It doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly. But a commitment to volunteer your time in a way that makes an impact.

2. Commit to mentorship. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. It might be someone at work or a new member at your church or even a neighbor. You have life and professional experiences that no one else has. Serving as a mentor—in an informal or formal manner—can make a lasting impact.

3. Commit to listening. This may seem like an odd thing in terms of generosity. But if you think about it, what’s more generous than intently and compassionately listening? It’s an active endeavor on your part to demonstrate generosity by understanding another person’s needs, fears, struggles, aspirations and joys.

A quick look at Scripture gives us many examples of Jesus doing each of these: giving of His time to help others, mentoring disciples and listening to the concerns of others.

Let’s take Jesus as our example and commit to living generously!     

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