Your church is ready to move forward on a major project. You think you’re ready, but you want to make sure you are not getting ahead of yourselves. But how do you know if you have asked—and answered—all the right questions?

Walk through this simple assessment to know if, in fact, you are ready to move forward with your project.

  1. Is your church ready for a major project? This can encompass many variables. The health of your organization must be at the top of the list: spiritually and financially. This doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or effort. The health of your organization should be clear to the average person. If you’re not healthy, take a step back and reconsider your project. You might still move forward with it, but you also might discover that the best time is down the road.
  2. Is your mission and vision understood by the congregation? And not only understood, but does the church embrace it? Do they co-own the mission and vision with leadership? If not, you need to do more work to get everyone on the same page. If that doesn’t occur, major disagreements could arise that take your project off-course.
  3. Does your congregation support leadership? Do you see and experience unity on a broad scale? Again, any significant level of disunity will likely cause your project to veer off-course.
  4. How much should you expect to raise during a campaign? It’s important to have a good estimate of the funds you are likely to raise. Getting this wrong can cause major headaches. CIF uses a well-tested formula that can help you determine if your giving matches your dreams.

These four questions should give you important things to consider.

CIF is available to assist you during this phase as well as the official capital campaign process.

Contact us to see if you’re ready for that major project! 



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