It might take years of dreaming and developing before you are ready to launch your church expansion project. Your ministry dream—the one God has placed on your congregation’s heart—is within reach.

But as with any long-term and complicated project, there are pitfalls to avoid and challenges to overcome. To ensure your project has the best chance of success, consider these potential roadblocks before you take that first step.

1. Bad Planning. It’s common sense that the most successful projects and campaigns are those that have been planned well. There are lots of details involved with a church expansion project and without a systematic approach to carrying out a good plan, the project will face substantial hurdles. Make sure you have professionals from the church expansion world look over your plan and listen to their feedback. It will save you much time and money in the long run.

2. Unrealistic Expectations. Setting realistic expectations is crucial to seeing your church expansion project to completion. It can be easy, especially early on, to add concepts and structures that are not necessary but give your project that extra flare. Make sure you determine realistic budget numbers and stick to those as you develop your project. If you need assistance determining an appropriate budget based on your congregation size and annual budget, CIF can give you direction based on years of experience with churches of all sizes and budgets.  

3. Ineffective Vision Casting. When everyone buys into a vision, it’s much easier to tackle the hurdles and setbacks that will most assuredly come your way. If, however, there is tepid buy-in or a significant minority of the church doesn’t catch the vision, the first real challenge in the process could be what derails the entire project. Spend the extra time before you launch to ensure that the congregation is all-in on the vision. This extra time upfront will be priceless down the road. 

4. Outside Noise. When you are in the midst of a large project like a church expansion, be sure to limit other significant changes going on. Launching new ministries and organizational restructuring—unless critically needed—should be postponed or limited as much as possible until the expansion project is complete. They will take much-needed time, energy and resources away from your church expansion project.

These are just a few tips to give you more tools in your church expansion toolbox. CIF provides a variety of services for churches looking to expand. 

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