The weather is changing. Daylight is disappearing earlier. Barren tree branches have replaced limbs full of color and unique shapes.

Yep … it’s December.

But even if you don’t like the change of seasons, the end of the month marks one of the most important days for Christians: Christmas.

Even though this is supposed to be a joyous time of year, it can be filled with stress. We hurry to buy gifts, put up decorations, prepare for family gatherings and complete all those end-of-year tasks, leaving us with little leftover energy for what’s important.

This year, however, don’t let the spirit of Christmas get extinguished amidst all the other noise. In addition to celebrating Christ’s birth, try to adopt the attitude and lifestyle of Jesus, the one whose birth we celebrate.

His life was all about giving and investing in others. Here are five ways we can adopt Christ’s attitude of living generously this Christmas season:

1. Gather unwanted or unused clothes and toys for donation. Take 15 minutes on a Saturday morning and find items that are in good condition and that will bless someone less fortunate.

2. Give an anonymous gift to a friend or neighbor—and deliver it under the cover of darkness. We all have that person in our lives who goes the extra mile or who had a particularly difficult year. Bring him or her a special gift and deliver it at night—when no one is watching—which will add an aura of mystery and excitement.

3. Take 20 minutes and write a card or letter to someone who means a lot to you. Communicate to that person why they are special and loved. This living generously gesture only costs the price of a stamp or card, but its impact will be priceless.

4. Purchase a bag of groceries and say a quick hello. It might be a family who could use the food, or it could just be a kind gesture to someone who lives generously and deserves recognition. Simply fill a grocery bag with milk, eggs, bread, maybe some meat and a dessert. Drop it off and say a quick hello, telling the person the reason for the gift.

5. Go the extra mile for a co-worker. Intentionally take a parking spot far from the door for a week, offer to help with a difficult project, or even volunteer to take on a task normally given to someone else—someone who may be overwhelmed.

Each of these suggestions is just one example of how to live generously. Adopting the attitude of Christ this Christmas is just one way to grow into making this attitude a distinctive part of your lifestyle. Give it a chance and wait for the responses!

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