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3 Ways You’ve Never Heard Generosity Explained Before (Part 1 in our Generosity blog series)

Posted by: Scott Noble
At its core, generosity proceeds from our hearts (what we value) and our minds (how we see generosity’s importance in our lives). It’s not strictly a financial exercise. When we look deeper into how we practice and experience generosity, here are a few ways we’ve never—or at least rarely—heard it explained before.
Post Date: 7/30/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

3 Reasons to Follow Through on an IRA in 2018

Posted by: Scott Noble
So, if you’re ready to prepare for your financial future—or just make a couple small changes to your already solid plan—we hope to encourage you with these three reasons to make 2018 the year you follow through on an IRA.
Post Date: 7/10/2018 Investments

5 Ways Churches Can Use Gym Space for Outreach

Posted by: Scott Noble
Almost 30% of people in this informal poll responded that a new gym or recreation center was their top priority. Which got us thinking: What are some of the ways gym spaces can be used for outreach?
Post Date: 7/05/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, Loans