Your church is looking to start a capital campaign. As a church leader, you’re wondering, “Are we ready?” To help answer that question, here are seven things that lay the foundation for a successful capital campaign:

  1. Compelling Ministry Vision & Strategy
    • ​​We have a compelling vision and strategic plan for the next 3-5 years that our congregation understands and affirms.

  2.  Realistic Capital Campaign Goals
    • The strategies and goals of reaching our congregation are realistic and credible.

  3. Committed Ministry Leadership
    • Our leadership is committed to the church’s strategic plan and open to capital campaigns as a way to raise needed financial resources.

  4. Congregational Life & Support
    • There are no unresolved issues, underlying conflict or potential division in the church that may impact a campaign.

  5. Dedicated Ministry Staff & Volunteers
    • We have dedicated staff and lay volunteers who could lead our church, communicate our vision and motivate campaign participation.

  6. Efficient Administration
    • We have a record keeping system to accurately record, track and sort financial information.

  7. Effective Communication
    • ​​We have an effective church-wide communications system to inform congregants of news and events.

Are these seven statements true for your church? Are you ready for a capital campaign? Contact us today. 

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