The Campaigns and Consulting (C&C) arm of CIF is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Originally begun in 1997 as Ministry Campaign Services (MCS) under the Evangelical Free Church of America, CIF acquired MCS in 2005 and renamed it Campaigns & Consulting.

While its parent ministry may have changed, the mission of C&C has not: to help serve the campaign needs of churches and ministries across the country.

C&C is led by Steve Johnson, who along with David Viland and other consultants along the way, have helped more than 400 churches in the past two decades.

“One of the blessings of these 20 years is not only helping hundreds of churches, but also helping some of those churches several times,” Johnson said. “That means we’re providing a valuable service that helps churches expand their Kingdom reach. And they want us back!”

C&C utilizes a player/coach approach in its consultation with churches. They aim to train, encourage and assist pastors, ministry leaders and the whole church in its campaign journey.

And those journeys vary greatly.

“We’ve consulted on campaigns of all sizes,” Johnson continued. “From less than $100,000 to more than $7 million. Each church and its campaign is a bit different, and we’ve gained the experience and understanding to know what each church needs.” 

At the heart of C&C is its commitment to biblical generosity and stewardship—two concepts that speak to helping churches understand the power of transformation over transactional. 

“It’s been a great 20 years helping churches navigate the campaign waters,” Johnson concluded. “We feel as if God has positioned us well to help serve even more churches in the years ahead—regardless of their challenges!”


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