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Start with Why …

Posted by: Paul Anderson
This month marks the 60th anniversary of CIF’s incorporation: April, 1959. We began with a simple “why”—that we are better together and can accomplish more working together than any individual or church can do acting alone.
Post Date: 3/29/2019 eNewsletter Messages

Are You Taking the Long View?

Posted by: Paul Anderson
When I get discouraged or lose perspective, I always find it helpful to look back and take the long view. It helps me to see God’s faithfulness in the past, and gives me strength, courage, and resolve to continue to trust Him in whatever uncertainties I am facing in the present.
Post Date: 3/01/2019 eNewsletter Messages

Are You Purposefully ‘Counting the Cost?’

Posted by: Paul Anderson
My sons are purposefully “counting the cost,” developing plans for their futures, and making sure they have enough to pay their bills. It’s fun to watch them growing, maturing, and thoughtfully taking on these responsibilities. As I reflect on my boys and their purposeful and thoughtful approach, I have also been reminded about how important that is in our work at CIF. It applies to all we do, but I am thinking this morning about a church in Wisconsin our Campaigns & Consulting ministry is working with. 
Post Date: 2/01/2019 eNewsletter Messages

Some Things Never Change …

Posted by: Paul Anderson
As things change and the re-tooling happens in our lives, I am thankful that there are other things in life that don’t change. Things that you and I can count on and rest in.
Post Date: 1/04/2019 eNewsletter Messages

'God with Us'

Posted by: Paul Anderson
This year, I have been thinking about a different outgrowth of Christ’s coming: gifts. I think gifts are every bit as unbelievable as His coming. Those gifts look beyond the first Christmas to my life and experience right now—and even beyond that to my future in heaven.
Post Date: 11/30/2018 eNewsletter Messages

Fixins, Family and Faithfulness

Posted by: Paul Anderson
In good times and in bad, when things are going well or when I face seemingly insurmountable difficulties, when I know what to do or when I don’t have any idea what to do, His goodness, steadfast love, and faithfulness are always there and always working for my good (see also Romans 8:28).
Post Date: 11/02/2018 eNewsletter Messages

How's Your Kneeology?

Posted by: Paul Anderson
I’ve decided I need more “kneeology”—time in prayer with God—to allow Him to adjust my thoughts, emotions and actions. To allow Him to speak to me and help me understand His thoughts, perspective and direction for my days. And to turn up my moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Holy Spirit moving in my life and circumstances.
Post Date: 9/25/2018 eNewsletter Messages

Big Enough to Help, Small Enough to Care

Posted by: Paul Anderson
CIF is focused on relationships, so we develop our relationship with you first, with the objective of developing solutions and answers to your challenges and questions. And since we’ve been doing this for nearly 60 years, we understand the unique challenges facing a church just like yours.
Post Date: 8/30/2018 eNewsletter Messages

Counting the Cost … and It’s Not Just the Money

Posted by: Paul Anderson
"Counting the cost” is important for a successful project. Many churches think of only the financial cost and while this is important, it’s only a part of what is needed for a truly successful project.
Post Date: 6/04/2018 eNewsletter Messages

‘If We Don’t Build It, They Can’t Come’

Posted by: Paul Anderson
The church’s approach was a twist on the "Field of Dreams" idea; they said their approach was “If we don’t build it, they can’t come.”
Post Date: 4/02/2018 eNewsletter Messages