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Let’s admit it … ministry has been challenging these past two-plus years. With COVID-19 and all the changes it has wrought on the local church and on our daily lives, many of us wonder when—or if—we will get back to whatever “normal” is.  

But if these times have taught us anything, it has taught us that ministry doesn’t just stop; it pushes on in new and innovative ways. We see countless examples of this daily in our work with churches across the country … how God is moving in new and exciting ways.

Ministry may look a bit different in the future, but the local church is still the leading edge of God’s plan to demonstrate His love to a hurting world. 

Churches are moving forward with their pre-existing ministry plans or even new ministry plans developed because of the pandemic.

What does this forward path look like? It will be different for each church, but it often includes facility expansion, remodeling an existing building or a real estate purchase.   

And as your ministry partner for more than 60 years, CIF offers church financing for these types of projects, including:


Construction Loan:

Perfect for the church or ministry needing to construct a new facility or remodel an existing structure, a CIF construction loan is a great way to finance your project. Throughout construction, funds are available to draw on—meaning interest is only charged on the amount drawn. After the construction period is over, your loan will automatically convert to a Real Estate Term Loan so there is no need to refinance and incur thousands of dollars’ worth of fees. This allows you to put those dollars directly into ministry (which is where they should be).

Real Estate Term Loans:

Whether your church or ministry is looking to purchase an existing structure or raw land, if you’re in need of a more long-term financing solution, we have you covered as well. CIF’s Real Estate Term Loans offer 10–25 year flexible financing terms with some of the most competitive rates and structures in the marketplace (and no prepayment penalties).

Refinance Loan:

Balloon coming due? Looking to accelerate your repayment and shorten the term? Tired of your bank only looking out for its best interest instead of yours? Might be time to move away from the lender who balloons your loan every five years and work with a proven partner in CIF who is passionate about providing you with not only favorable and competitive rates/terms, but who is also missionally aligned with you and passionately celebrates the savings you realize as a win for the Kingdom, as those dollars can be reallocated to Kingdom expansion!

Operating Line of Credit:

Many churches and ministries experience cash flow seasonality, and they find that having an operating line of credit available to them allows the ability to better plan and anticipate various fluctuations. Competitive, flexible terms and amounts up to $500,000 to meet your unique needs. Apply today! 

And, with rates at historically low levels, there is no better time to move ahead with these plans.

Check out our Church Loan Calculator to determine your monthly obligation.

Since 1959, CIF has provided loans for churches across the country. In these 60+ years, our total loan disbursement to churches is $495M.

In addition to great rates and the experience of helping churches just like yours, CIF approaches each church with these values and assets in mind:

A. We are relationship-based—meaning we care about the transformational and not just the transactional.

B. We are consultative—meaning we work with you during the process.  

C. We are experts in church lending—meaning we strictly work with churches just like yours.

D. We offer large and small solutions—meaning we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

E. We are ministry focused—meaning we understand and embrace the foundational reason why you want to expand your ministry. 

Isn’t it time to get started?

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