There’s a lot of content out there on the web, let alone, content about money and finances. To help weed through the clutter, you may want to check out these financial websites which are regularly visited by members of the CIF team*:

  1. This website is free and a great place to track your finances. It’s also a helpful tool when creating a budget and can keep you in check throughout the month.
  2. Perhaps the best known, Dave Ramsey’s website that provides advice, tips and suggestions to eliminating personal debt and getting your financial life in order. It also gives some insight on what the Bible teaches about money. Just recently they also introduced a free budgeting tool. 
  3. This resource is an online budgeting system that replicates the traditional envelope method of budgeting.
  4. Providing relevant information and tools, Crown Financial Ministries helps people understand budgeting and financial management, the basics of investing and what the Bible teaches about money.
  5. Although a membership website, Sound Mind Investing offers great free resources on investing basics such as definitions of investment terms. A great resource for beginners or those just wanting more investment education.
  6. A helpful place to find market interest rates for numerous financial products. They also provide various financial calculators and other resources.
  7. Yahoo Finance is an excellent place to retrieve market information, basics on investing and retirement planning material.
  8. Like Yahoo Finance, this website provides resources to retrieve market information, basics on investing and retirement planning material.
  9. Similar to Crown Financial Ministries, Good Sense Movement helps people understand what the Bible teaches about money along with budgeting information, financial management and the basics of investing. This website probably provides the most depth in terms of Bible content and is a great resource for churches. Beginning as a financial ministry of Willow Creek Church, Good Sense Movement became a separate non-profit a few years ago.
  10. Their mantra is “Give More, Save More, Live More.” The site contains articles on those topics as well as featuring financial product reviews and other financial advice.  

Do you have additional financial websites you find helpful? Let us know!

* CIF is not affiliated with or responsible for the content of any of the above websites, and does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on any of these sites.  Each website has its own terms, conditions and privacy policies and there may be risks associated with sharing personal information on these websites.

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