It’s easy to think of “business” solely in terms of budgets, spreadsheets, assets, projections and a whole host of other similar-sounding jargon. But as with most things, business is about so much more. And its impact on our world has far-reaching implications.

Those far-reaching implications are why business matters to God and why business should matter to Christians. More specifically, business matters because it impacts humans and plays a critical role in human flourishing.

Jeff Van Duzer is provost at Seattle Pacific University and author of the book, “Why Business Matters to God: And What Still Needs to Be Fixed.” He argues “ … companies doing business will, in many ways, dictate the kind of world we will live in. Thus, for Christians interested in advancing God’s agenda of peace, justice and reconciliation, a focus on business and its role in society is critical.”

Van Duzer writes that we glorify God in the work we’ve been called to perform, but also in another way.

“Our work is actually used to accomplish God’s purposes on earth,” he writes. “In addition to exhibiting God-like characteristics, we are invited to participate in the bringing about of God-desired results.”


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