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Sixty years ago, in 1959, CIF's first loan was to a church that had funds to dig a basement, pour the foundation, finish the basement rooms and put on a roof. But they didn't have a structure above ground.

I'm sure their neighbors were wondering, What kind of building is going up next door?! 

But with a CIF loan, the church was able to remove the roof, build their first floor above ground (including the sanctuary) and put the roof back on. The church eventually paid off its loan and 60 years later continues to operate and spread the love of Christ!

We love stories like this—and we hear them often.

This year, we are celebrating CIF's 60th anniversary. In 1959, we began with a simple "why"—that we are better together and can accomplish more working together than any individual or church can do working alone.

Today, we describe it by saying that we help the EFCA and like-minded churches maximize their potential by providing Loans, Investments, and Campaigns & Consulting. Our methods and processes have changed over the years, but the heart of our work has not: to help the church be all that God has in mind for it to be.

And since that first loan, 60 years ago, we've provided:

  • More than $137 million in interest paid to investors.*
  • More than 1,000 loans made to churches and ministries, totaling over $450 million in loan disbursements.
  • More than 400 campaigns and consulting services to churches and ministries since 1997. More than 90% of our campaigns have met or exceeded the campaign goal amount. [In 1997, Ministry Campaign Services began in the Evangelical Free Church of America denomination. In 2005, it was acquired by CIF and renamed CIF Campaigns & Consulting.]

Here's a snapshot of some of the projects we’re working on today:

  • Campaigns & Consulting: We are working with a (very!) rural midwestern church that is in a season of renewal with a young pastor; they are growing and need more space.
  • We’re working with a metropolitan church that is a merger of a church plant and an historic, older EFCA church, and they too need more space as they grow.
  • There’s a large church doing their third campaign and planning for a multi-million-dollar expansion; and there’s a church in a farming community we’ve worked with for 20 years that is finishing their third campaign to retire their remaining debt.
  • Church Loans: We’re currently helping a church that has had hurricane damage, and another church, founded in 1854, which is vibrant and wants to refresh and restore its historic building.
  • A large, newer church near Silicon Valley is buying a commercial building and renovating it as the first space they will own after renting in an expensive area for many years.
  • Two churches in retirement communities are expanding, and a church in the south that is renovating a former grocery store for a second campus. And loans to camps for a square mile of new land, two gymnasiums, and two new dining halls.
  • Investments: A church that is selling their building and re-planting is coming to CIF to invest their sales proceeds. Many retired individuals looking for places to put their IRAs and rainy-day funds.
  • Churches are also coming to us looking for a place to invest their reserve and rainy-day funds. Young children whose parents or grandparents are investing for them in small amounts. And investments from a few hundred dollars to millions, and everything in between.

Please let us know if we can help you!

*Interest paid represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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