As we commemorate and celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection this week, it’s also a good time to reflect on just how much Easter impacts our lives.

Myriad things changed with Jesus’ resurrection, and these changes—if incorporated into our lives—can help us live a resurrection life!

Easter means many things, but here are three specific life-changing ideas we can embrace this week and throughout the year.

1. Easter as new beginning. When Jesus walked out of the tomb, He commissioned a new beginning. The structures that were in place before no longer held sway. The world that existed three days earlier was forever altered.

Just as Christ’s resurrection marked a new beginning, we can embrace that idea in our lives. How can we live tomorrow better than today? How can we draw closer to Christ in new and powerful ways? How can we reconcile a relationship that has been damaged?

Christ’s resurrection should encourage us to embrace new beginnings. 

2. Easter as renewed hope. How quickly we change. Jesus was ushered into Jerusalem as the one who could provide hope and a “way out” for the people. Yet those same people quickly changed heart and cheered His death a short time later.

But when Jesus conquered death, He provided us—even those who condemned Him, as we all did—with tangible hope that things would change.

We now have hope for today, encouragement for tomorrow and assurance that Christ’s resurrection power works in our lives.

Easter should encourage us that whatever yesterday held—whatever today looks like—tomorrow can be filled with renewed hope.

Use this week as an opportunity to jump start hope in your life.

3. Easter as final victory. Death was our greatest enemy until Christ defeated it. With Christ’s victory, we no longer need to fear.

Knowing that we have the final victory in Christ should give us comfort and peace. And if that’s the case, what does that mean for us in the here and now?

Does that change how our lives are ordered?

Whenever doubt seeps in and takes away our joy, we can think of the resurrection and be reminded that the ultimate victory is secured.

As you move through this week, think about the new realities Christ’s resurrection wrought and how that can play out in your life in new and transformational ways.  

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