If you follow CIF closely, you might have noticed a few new words attached to our logo. Several months ago, we determined that adding a descriptive tagline to our logo would give people a better frame of reference for who we are, what we do and the importance of our values.

After several months of discussion and feedback—from within CIF and outside our walls—we landed on the tagline: Financial Services on a Mission.

Nothing has changed about CIF other than our desire to better communicate who we are with our long-standing clients, our new customers and those who are only just learning about us.

During the process of developing the new tagline, we developed a short paragraph that describes what Financial Services on a Missions means: “A mission. Something intentional with a specific destination in mind. That’s what CIF offers. We’re a financial services firm with a God-given mission: to connect people with transformational opportunities to grow God’s Kingdom; connect churches with the financial resources to help them live in their mission; and connect you with the know-how to move your church to where God wants it to be!”

In a sense, CIF is a hybrid … we offer services and resources that touch on several different industries. However, we fit best within the financial services industry.

Paul Anderson, president of CIF, said: “We developed our new tagline, so people could more easily put us into a bucket and at least generally know what types of services and resources we offer. We also wanted people to catch a vision for our heart, which is why we added ‘on a mission.’”

This last part of our tagline signifies the forward momentum we want to add to our customers. We see CIF as your partner in ministry and faith, working to connect you with transformational opportunities to grow God’s Kingdom. In a practical sense, that covers our church and ministry loans; our church capital campaign services and resources; and our investment opportunities.

So next time you see our logo—on our website, on one of our social media channels, at a conference or on a brochure—we hope you’ll be reminded that we’re partners with you on your mission to expand God’s Kingdom!

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