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Each year, CIF works with a variety of churches across the country to help them finance construction projects, new facilities or real estate. Read below how CIF partnered with Resonate Church in California with a building and construction loan. 

Resonate Church

Project Location: California

Project Highlight: Building and Construction Loan

The Problem:

For Resonate Church in a suburb of San Francisco, the church’s “heart is to point others to Jesus and make disciples,” said Leslee Doyle, director of operations. The Bay Area church is “very diverse across age, socio-economic and cultural groups,” Doyle continued.

The church was looking for a facility that would allow them to renovate the internal space to include an auditorium, children’s areas, general church space and offices for staff.

The Solution:

“CIF helped us address our ministry challenges by looking holistically at our entire financial picture,” Doyle went on, “and providing a building and construction loan that met our needs.”

Why CIF?

Being in their new building now for a while, Resonate sees its facility as a “key tool to inviting [people] in to hear the Gospel,” Doyle said. “CIF was able to provide us with competitive loan options, and an appraisal process that fit our specialized building type,” Doyle concluded. “The service was great, and we felt that CIF was on our side and willing to look at solutions that would fit our entire financial picture.”

If your church need helps with a loan—or just wants to discuss church loan options—Contact us! We’re happy to run the numbers for you.

COVID-19 Update

“During this season of COVID-19, we have been able to flexibly adapt our facility use as we have moved online, outdoors, indoors or some combination of these three over this time period,” Doyle said. “Our facility has served us well as either a church service venue, an online recording studio or an outdoor venue.”

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