Four Types of Givers

Steve Johnson
Type of Giving

A lot has been written on the subject of generosity. As a character trait, generosity is something we aspire to exhibit.

As a follower of Christ, we desire to reflect God’s generosity poured out upon us. 

If we agree and want to move toward being generous or more generous, we need a plan. A plan that helps get us from “here to there.” To make a plan that helps guide us, it is important to know where you are currently, so you can find a starting point.  What is your starting point?

What type of giver are you?

R. Mark Dillon of Wheaton College identified four basic types of givers in his book, Giving and Getting in the Kingdom.

Mark’s four types are:

  1. The Reluctant Giver (50% of the population) -- Talking about giving is annoying to this group. Their mantra is “my money is my business.”
  2. The Casual Giver (25% of the population) gives out of obligation. They ask, “How much of my money should I give?”
  3. The Thoughtful Giver (20% of the population) is aware of God’s call on their life and possessions. These folks receive pleasure and joy from giving back to God. They ask, "How much of God's money should I give back to Him?"
  4. The Gifted Giver (5% of the population) takes great joy in giving. Their question is not, if they should give, or how much they should give, but “How much of God’s money should I keep?” A very different perspective.

So what is your starting point? Which type of giver are you? Whom do you want to become?

Steve Johnson, VP - Campaigns & Consulting, provides consulting to churches and ministries. Before joining Ministry Campaign Services as its first director (now called CIF Campaigns & Consulting) in 1997, Steve served with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in various leadership roles where he was responsible for direct student ministry, leadership development, training, recruiting and fundraising.


The best teacher for learning about giving? Your parents! My father was a "Gifted Giver" and passed that bug to me. The more he "went without," the more God blessed him!

Absolutely agree! Thank you for sharing the testimony of your father's role in your journey of generosity!


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