Electronic giving is a great option for giving at your church. It allows for easier and more confidential giving. Plus, it offers extra functionality such as reoccurring payments or giving via a smartphone.

Here are some reasons to consider offering electronic giving at your church:

1. Time of giving: People may miss a church service because of vacations, summer breaks or illness. This results in a missed giving opportunity which can impact a church. But electronic giving is a great alternative. Available 24/7, it's an option for people who aren't able to make a weekend service.

2. Discipline of giving: Electronic giving supports the spiritual discipline of giving by scheduling routine, automated weekly or monthly contributions. This consistent giving pattern helps churches better plan their ministry financial plan (budget) by providing a more reliable giving trend.

3. Church benefit of giving: According to this infographic, churches typically experience increased giving at their churches which can be attributed to:

  • “With recurring payments, irregular givers become regular givers….With online giving, attendees can set up recurring contributions to [also] help the church overcome the ‘summer slump.’”
  • “A person’s giving habits will remain private from those doing the counting.”
  • “People who forgot their checkbook on a weekend can still give.”
  • “Gets the younger generation more involved in your church’s financial base.”

4. Culture of giving: Americans are writing fewer checks and using electronic payments more. The number of checks has declined by more than 1 billion from 2009 to 2012. By 2012, about two-thirds of consumer and business payments were made by electronic payment transactions and the number continues to grow  (Source: The 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study, December 2013). Also, a Pew Research Study found that the number of American smartphone ownership has increased to 64 percent of all Americans as compared to 58 percent in early 2014. Many churches are offering giving via their mobile websites or text messages for easy giving. 

5. Example of giving: If parents electronically give, will kids miss the example of watching their parents give in weekend offerings? Is it harder for parents to set an example of generosity for their children with electronic giving? Not necessarily. Many churches place recyclable “giving cards” in the pews. The cards say, “I gave electronically this week.” Or, parents could involve their children when they set up or monitor their electronic giving. 

Electronic giving is a great way to promote generosity at church. Has your church considered electronic giving? Has your church utilized electronic giving? If so, have you experienced an increase in regular giving?  We’d love to hear your comments below.

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