It’s difficult to believe that fall is already upon us, with all the attendant kickoff activities. I have kids returning to school (or returning to teaching school, in the case of my new daughter in law). I’ve been working with my co-teacher on fall plans for our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) at my local church, which re-starts in September. And for those who are football fans, it’s literally “kickoff” season.

For me, fall kickoff season is also a time to pick up things needing to be done—like painting the house, reviewing the family budget, or updating my estate plan (there’s nothing wrong with me but yes, that last one needs my attention this year). And it will soon be time to put away the patio furniture and put on the snow tires—though I’m trying not to think about snow yet!

For those we minister to and with at CIF, it’s also time to pick up things needing attention. Churches are making plans for fall kickoff, including children’s and youth activities, Sunday schools, and small groups. Many churches also introduce new music and start a new sermon series in the fall.

We are working with churches considering capital campaigns that have postponed making decisions until everyone is back for the fall—but now it’s time to decide and to move forward.

We are also working with several churches that are scrambling to finalize construction and financing plans, so they can get their project “in the ground” and enclosed before the winter freeze arrives.

Lastly, I have talked this week to a couple of churches about investing their reserve funds as they are approaching the end of the year and a new budget cycle starting in January. And for individuals, it’s the same: I have talked to several folks who are tweaking and adjusting their financial plans, including where to invest their savings and rainy-day funds.

What’s your situation or the situation with your church? Are there projects that you’ve put aside for the summer that need to be picked up again? Is a review of your budget, finances, and reserve funds due or overdue?

If any of these things apply to you and you think CIF can help, please let us know. We’re here to serve and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

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