The purpose of an organization’s mission statement is to articulate their core reason for existence. Although the vision and ministry plans may be revisited periodically, most churches and ministries rarely review their mission statements. In his article, Will Mancini, author of Church Unique, suggests six reasons when churches and ministries need to revisit their mission statements:

  1. When no one knows the one you have now.
  2. When your existing mission reinforces, unintentionally, a consumeristic mentally.
  3. When you simply need a better way to be more clear and compelling as your church grows and multiplies.
  4. When you have discovered your Kingdom Concept and could be, or need to be, more contextual with your language.
  5. When you’ve borrowed the language of another church’s model to get started, but now you have 'grown up.' 
  6. When you are reinventing or reinvigorating a declining church.

To read Will Mancini’s great article in full, click here.

Might one of these apply to your church?  CIF Campaigns and Consulting is here to assist you in evaluating this question and come alongside your church in leading your leadership through recasting your mission and vision.

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