You may not have ever tried one of those energy drinks, but you’ve most likely tried caffeine. When you’re low on energy—maybe lack of sleep or exhausted early in the day—you might grab a cup of coffee. Hoping to give you that added kick to make it through the day.

Unfortunately, that extra kick only lasts an hour or two. You’d had better hope that energy boost was enough, or you might have to take another one.

The same concept is true in terms of your money.

When you invest with CIF, part of your return helps fund loans to churches who are looking to remodel their sanctuary, add classroom space, or build an entire new structure.

That’s investment with an extra kick that has eternal repercussions. In a sense, long-term results.

St. Germain Evangelical Free Church in Wisconsin was outgrowing its facilities. The church in northern Wisconsin needed to do something. So they built on a new narthex and worship center, which almost doubled their capacity—from 220 to 400.

The loan they received could not have been given without investors from CIF who want to see a long-term impact with their money. 

We like to describe our work as financial services on a mission. We’re a financial services firm that has a clear-cut mission: to help equip investors with options that are truly impactful and to help churches and believers to reach their God-given potential!

We do that through a multitude of ways. One of those is through opening and IRA or rolling over a 401(K) into an IRA. It’s simple, easy, and it only takes minutes. And if you have questions along the way, we’re here to answer them or direct you to the best resources on the subject.

We hope you, too, will see that an IRA with CIF is more than just a retirement account. It’s helping build an eternal legacy.

If you’re ready, give us a call at 800.995.8574, email us at [email protected].


We will assist you with completing the application forms and providing information about our Certificates. However, we don’t provide investment advice or financial planning. You are encouraged to consider the concept of investment diversification when determining the amount of investment certificates that would be appropriate for you in relation to your overall investment portfolio and personal financial needs. You should make an independent decision about whether purchasing investment certificates will aid you in accomplishing your investment objectives and whether the investment certificates fit within your financial risk tolerance. Consultation with an appropriately licensed financial and tax adviser is recommended.

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