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We get this question a lot.  

What exactly is a church capital campaign, and why should a ministry like yours consider exploring one?  

Let's take a moment to address what a church capital campaign is, how it works, what it might be used for and if it’s the right thing for your ministry.  

What is a church capital campaign?  

At the end of the day, a church capital campaign is designed to raise financial gifts for a specific goal or project. The design of the capital campaign depends on the amount of funds your ministry is raising, as well as the purpose(s) of where those funds will be utilized.  

How do church capital campaigns work?  

Capital campaigns are unique to the ministries implementing them. While there is a core functional framework and process, it’s important to realize that ministries are uniquely their own. Because of this, some tailoring or adjusting of the process is necessary for each campaign and campaign goal. At the core, however, the campaign process follows these common steps.  

1. Create a plan. 

The first step in designing a church capital campaign is creating a plan. In this plan, there should be goals, timelines and strategies for the entire process, answering all of the important questions like for whom, to accomplish what, and by when and because of why. 

2. Implement fundraising strategies.  

The second step in a capital campaign is raising the funds for your project or goal. While the strategies in doing this can vary quite a bit, it’s important to remember this question: How can we inspire our ministry members toward generosity and to passionately understand and give toward this specific goal? To learn more about this, schedule a meeting with one of our campaign experts.  

3. Execute the funds.  

The capital campaign doesn’t end when the funds are raised; it ends when the funds are executed. Thus, make sure you have a timely plan for utilizing and executing the funds toward your ministry’s project or goal.  

4. Celebrate the accomplishments.  

Capital campaigns are important journeys. No matter what the reason for the campaign, be sure to celebrate the accomplishments along the way and at the finish with those involved (whether they were involved financially or in prayer). Even the simplest of celebrations can bind together the individuals involved, creating further ownership and buy-in to your ministry’s mission.  

What is a capital campaign used for?  

Capital campaigns are used for many different reasons; over the years, we’ve seen four common types. They include land acquisition; building projects; ministry expansion; and debt reduction. At the end of the day, however, capital campaigns are designed to receive an additional influx of capital to accomplish a vision-driven ministry goal. 

Is a capital campaign right for our ministry?   

This question isn’t something we take lightly and while we can’t necessarily answer this question for you, we hope this insight provides some guidance. With all of our capital campaign clients, we recommend that they do the following:  

1. Assess: Ask where God is leading them.  

2. Prepare: Make sure they have a tangible plan.  

3. Implement: Ask what God wants to do through them.  

4. Follow-up: Ask how they can finish strong.  

We actually wrote a blog post a while back about those four items. So if you’re asking this question, please consult that post for more information, or feel free to reach out to our team directly; we’re happy to discuss the reasons (or reasons why not) a capital campaign is the right fit for your ministry.  

A church capital campaign isn’t something your ministry should take on passively.  

If you’re considering exploring a campaign, please be sure to do your due diligence in terms of both research and conversation.  

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team. We’re always happy to provide financial services on a mission!

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