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You might think that church capital campaigns are all alike. Switch out the church, switch out the church leadership, switch out the dollar amount to be raised and it’s all the same, right?

One thing we’ve learned in more than 400 church capital campaigns over more than two decades is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each church—each campaign—is different in numerous ways. That’s why we approach each capital campaign in a new and fresh way, since your church isn’t like the church across town or across the country.

There are several things that make a CIF campaign unique and contribute to why more than 90 percent of our campaigns have met or exceeded their campaign goal.

Here are a few:

1. Churches are different. That’s pretty obvious. But in addition to urban, rural or suburban; small, medium or large; or young, more mature or somewhere in between, there are a host of other differences.

So arriving at your church with a one-size-fits-all approach to a capital campaign just won’t work. That’s why we focus on a customizable approach to each congregation—using time-tested principles but adapting them to your unique church situation. 

2. A church capital campaign that doesn’t embrace a biblical focus will not achieve all that it can. Each of our campaigns is deeply rooted in a biblical focus that inspires and generates a strong response.

We will walk with your team through the scriptural background that forms the foundation of your campaign. This foundation is what helps inspire people to get involved and embrace the vision your church is pursuing.

3. Speaking of vision, communicating a clear and compelling vision for the invitation is prominent to the campaign’s success.

Think of it this way: the vision is just as important—probably more so—than the actual brick and mortar that will serve as the physical foundation to your project.  

4. Whenever we enter into a season of big decisions or change, it’s always good to spend even more time with God in prayer—individually and corporately. That’s why each of our campaigns is rooted in prayer and in ways we can bring the entire congregation into what God wants us to do in this next phase of ministry. 

We like to look at each of our church capital campaigns as spiritual journeys as much as financial journeys.

5. Finally, one of the ways we can best help churches along their capital campaign journey is by inviting as wide a participation as possible. Any campaign of this sort requires the congregation to get behind the effort.

So we work to involve individuals, groups and the entire congregation to catch the vision and work to make it a reality.

Because ultimately it’s about ministry and sharing the love of Christ to an ever-growing audience.

If you’d like to get more information or talk to one of our campaign consultants, contact us or visit our Campaigns & Consulting page.

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