Is your church planning a stewardship initiative? Are you hoping to raise money to help remodel your facility, build a new sanctuary or finally complete those deferred maintenance projects?

This is always a challenging season for a church: developing a stewardship campaign that compels people to capture the vision and contribute to it with their resources.

Through more than 400 church stewardship initiatives in the last 20 years, CIF’s Campaigns & Consulting ministry has learned that there are four main questions about your donor base you need to ask—and answer—before you begin. By doing so, you can help ensure your initiative gets off on the right track and is poised for success!

How many people would call your church their church home? This is the first question we’ll pose.

Not everyone who attends your church will become a member. Some will attend for years but will never go through the membership steps. Others will become members after only a short time.

But this criterium isn’t about membership; it’s about attendance. How many people who attend your church on at least some type of regular basis would call it their church home?

They might only attend once a month—or fewer, but do they call your church home?

Because this question will go a long way toward determining the level of loyalty they will feel not only toward your church in general but also in helping fund your stewardship initiative.

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If you want additional help developing and running a stewardship initiative—or capital campaign—we’d love to help. Call 800.995.8574 or email Steve@ChristianInvestors.org to get started!

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