Your church’s governance structure is crucial to its success. A poor structure can drain your church’s energy and cause you to veer off course. A solid, well-developed structure positions you to meet challenges and puts you on a path to fulfilling God’s plans.

If we view governance as the framework that holds the church together, it’s easy to see how having the right model is pivotal.

Having the right governance comes with great responsibility. To know if your church governance is solid, ask these essential questions.

  1. Is your church leadership stewarding its authority with the care and love of the church? In other words, is your church leadership operating with the care and love of the church as its defining motivation? If another motive is apparent and is determining your church’s decision making apparatus, then you need to re-examine your footing. Decisions—especially difficult ones—should be underpinned with love and care for your church’s future.
  2. Is your church following God’s plan or your congregation’s preferences? This can become a tricky proposition, particularly in churches with strong personalities and deep-rooted influences. But it’s the job of leadership to determine if its decisions are rooted in God’s plans or are a passing fancy of some.
  3. Is your church relying on tradition or on God’s vision? Many churches are rooted in the idea that “We’ve always done things this way.” It’s an easy trap to fall into and a difficult trap from which to break free. Doing things the same way because it’s comfortable doesn’t take into account how God might be urging you to grow, expand and be challenged in new ways. Looking for God’s vision in your decisions is what truly will make your church a transformational congregation—one that will uniquely impact its community for Christ. 

These three questions should get you thinking about your church governance structure and where you’re at in terms of decision-making.

If you’re struggling with one—or all—of these areas, CIF’s Campaigns & Consulting can help you create, fine-tune or completely reorganize your infrastructure to maximize the effectiveness of your ministry. Since we work with churches and ministries of all sizes, we can help devise the right approach for your specific needs.

Basic steps include:

▪ Reviewing your current structure

▪ Evaluating alternative governance models

▪ Deciding on the best fit

▪ Implementing a plan

Maximizing your church’s governance and operations helps you to enhance your ministry potential. With a solid structure and plan, you can better reach your community with the love of Christ!

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