Your church is ready for that expansion project, that long-awaited renovation or even that new facility. The decisions have been made, and you’re ready to move forward.

The next step is knowing where to secure the necessary funds to make your plans a reality. Do you go the commercial bank route, or do you finance your project with CIF, with nearly 60 years of helping churches reach their Kingdom potential?

Below is a simple chart comparing the CIF approach with a typical commercial lender.

  • CIF’s Approach                                                          Typical Commercial Lending Approach
  • Consultative                                                                 Transactional
  • Ministry-focused                                                          Business-focused
  • Ongoing conversations                                              Sales-based exchanges
  • High level of church-lending experience                    Low amount of church-lending background
  • Easy accessibility to experienced church lender       Not directly connected with experienced lender
  • Customized and personal                                             One size fits all
  • Lends in both large and small communities                Uncomfortable lending in small communities
  • Focused solely on church lending                              Tends to move in and out of church lending


The decision to move forward with your project was not taken lightly. It took months or even years to come to this decision. That’s why the next step is so crucial.

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