man standing at a crossroad man standing at a crossroad

Most churches arrive at this crossroads sometime during their lifespans. Visions have been cast, decisions have been made, and people are eager about next steps.

But how do you know if your project is viable? How do you know if it will succeed?

With this uncertainty comes many questions, including:

▪ Are we adequately prepared for the project and all it contains?

▪ Is our mission/vision understood, embraced and lived out by the congregation?

▪ Does our congregation fully support our leadership?

▪ How much can we reasonably expect to raise during our church capital campaign

Each of these questions gets to the heart of feasibility: determining whether your project goals are realistic or achievable based on relevant criteria.

This is usually where the rubber meets the road.

The dreaming phase is where our projects can sometimes run off the rails. We want to add this feature or include that idea or raise this amount of money.

These aren’t bad things; they just need to be considered in light of the overall project feasibility.

There are several ways to accomplish this. CIF utilizes an approach that involves interviews/surveys with church leaders and congregants to determine a project’s viability. This approach can include face-to-face interviews, web-based surveys, telephone interviews or mail-in surveys—all with the goal of fully understanding all aspects of the project.

Through gathering all this data, CIF can help your congregation answer these concerns:

▪ The potential feasibility of your project

▪ The amount of money likely to be raised

▪ The church’s readiness for a capital campaign

▪ Realistic goals for the campaign

▪ An effective fundraising strategy

▪ Ensure that the mission/vision is aligned with the congregation and leaders

▪ Educating the congregation about the mission/vision, project goals and generosity

Taking on a large project or a church capital campaign is a major endeavor in the life of your church. There are resources available to help ensure your project doesn’t fall short, and, in fact, accomplishes all that God wants for your congregation!

If this sounds like something your church could use, contact us to get your project off on the right foot!   

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