Camp Shamineau -- Motley, Minnesota

Tell us a bit about the camp.

Camp Shamineau moved to its current site in 1958 having previously been “Buffalo Lake Bible Camp” near Buffalo, MN. It has grown to be one of the largest camps in the country and serves almost 18,000 guests throughout the year ….

In recent years, all buildings have been updated or added on to with recent expansions to the main chapel facility and the gymnasium. [Recently], with a loan from CIF, 678 additional acres of undeveloped forestland have been purchased.

Approximately 2/3s of our summer campers are EFCA attenders and about 50% of the Guest Groups are non-EFCA groups, including public schools and community groups


What led you to contact CIF?

Shamineau Ministries has a long history with CIF beginning with a loan to pay off old debt (the loan was retired 12 years ahead of schedule) and using the Ministry Campaign Services [now Campaigns & Consulting] to guide our major capital campaign.

[Recently], we have borrowed $1 million from CIF to purchase the square mile of property mentioned above which borders the current camp property.


Describe how working with CIF helped you address your ministry challenge.

CIF has been more than a financial partner where we have received very competitive interest rates …. CIF has been a partner in prayer, in advising, and in board development. I turn to them for ministry advice as well as financial counsel.


What do you hope for as a result?

Shamineau Ministries exists to provide camping experiences for the purpose of introducing children and adults to a saving knowledge of Christ, helping them grow in their faith, and training the Christian leaders of tomorrow.

CIF has helped us secure the property (through loans) … and raise the funds (through the Ministry Campaign Services [Campaigns & Consulting] training) to make this happen. CIF has been the support for these things to make the eternal ministry happen.

It’s tough to focus on telling guests about Jesus when you’re trying to pay the day-to-day bills. CIF’s involvement has helped us remove these distractions, so we can free people up to do the work of evangelism and discipleship training.


Describe your experience working with CIF.

CIF has been a partner to us providing far more than just financial tools. CIF has been a vital part of the ministry of Shamineau Ministries. Whatever success we have had at sharing the good news of Jesus is equally shared by CIF.