Christ Community Church -- Peotone, IL

Tell us a bit about Christ Community Church.

We are an EFCA church of about 160 individuals located in the semi-rural town of Peotone, Illinois. We have been a church since 2003. We met for the first 14 years in the local high school. Christ Community’s mission is to be a church “transformed by the gospel that shares the good news.” We seek to grow in Christ as we worship weekly on Sundays and also as we gather in smaller groups regularly for prayer and continued learning.

We seek to be a light in our community through outreach initiatives like VBS, community picnics and by participating in community events like parades and festivals.

What led you to contact CIF?

We have long known that having a permanent church home would be a great help. In our community, we knew that it would provide visibility. We also knew that it would provide permanence.

The continued set up and tear down schedule took manpower and was a continued wear and tear on our equipment. We knew that we would be able to raise money for a permanent church home, but we did not know how to go about this process. We learned a great deal by working with CIF (David Viland). We were really blessed by his teaching, his wisdom, and he has become a lifelong friend to us.

With good success in our campaign, we still needed to secure a loan to wrap up our project. We were grateful for the guidance and professionalism of CIF, who helped us secure an effective and prudent loan for our church.

Briefly describe how working with CIF helped you address your ministry challenge.

Working with CIF provided incredible insights as we embarked on our three-year campaign. No one in our church had ever been part of leading this kind of process before, so we needed training and voices from the outside to educate and guide us.

The greatest insight from CIF was the strength of slow but steady giving over a sustained about of time (i.e., a three-year campaign).

Many churches don’t start campaigns because they feel they will not reach their goals quickly. They will reach their goals much more quickly by starting and allowing three years of generosity to build on itself.

CIF also really helped us plan for the right amount of a loan by helping us plan for every need we would have, including furniture, etc. We are so thankful we were able to think about and plan for these things in advance.

Where are you at now?

We are very blessed with our new facility. We moved in November 19 [2017] and were able to celebrate the Christmas season together in this wonderful new environment.

The project really turned out well. We still have some exterior aspects of the facility that we need to complete, but we have money in hand to complete these and believe they will be finished this spring and summer [2018].

We have already experienced an uptick in attendance and have had many guests worship with us. It has also been a great blessing for Bible studies, meetings, youth group and AWANA.


Christ Community Church has worked with CIF for several years over the course of our building renovation project. We were blessed with their biblical insights and spiritual encouragement as we went through the fundraising process.

Our continued friendship with David in particular is a blessing we carry forward.

Securing our loan through CIF was a very professional and smooth process that helped us maintain fiscal responsibility over the course of our project. We are very pleased that our church mortgage was secured through their services.