Faith Fellowship Church

Loans Case Study

Facts and Demographics

  • Based in Melbourne, FL
  • Founding pastors are Dr. Jeff Hoy, who serves as Senior Pastor, and Ann Hoy, who serves as Christian Education Pastor
  • Serves over 1,000 people in overall attendance
  • Church in suburban community

Ministry Challenge

In May 2009, Faith Fellowship Church was notified by their current mortgage holder that they were no longer interested in continuing their lending relationship. The mortgage holder requested that they find another financial institution to hold their mortgage. This occurred at the height of the economic downturn when borrowing money became quite cumbersome due to all of the additional regulations and requirements that were imposed on financial institutions. It was very difficult to find another financial institution willing to finance a church during this tough economic time. Administrative Pastor Paul Reece said, “After six months of negotiations, our current lender told us they were not going to abandon us, but started charging us $10,000 in quarterly extension fees and raised our interest rate by 1 percent at each extension.” Faith Fellowship Church continued to do all they could to get out of this agreement by contacting every bank and financial institution they could find. 

Partnering with Christian Investors Financial (CIF)

Faith Fellowship Church decided to partner with CIF due to CIF’s understanding of church lending and God’s purpose for the local church. Pastor Reece said, “The thing our board and congregation loved the most about CIF is that we know that profits above CIF’s operational cost are re-invested into other churches and ministries so that they are able to get the financing that they need.” 

The church also appreciated the simplicity of CIF’s lending process. Pastor Reece mentioned, “So many lenders make you jump through hoops for months; with CIF, once the offer was on the table, it was a very simple and easy closing process.” 

Ministry Outcome

As a result of their mortgage with CIF, Faith Fellowship Church’s biggest outcome was stability in their finances. Faith Fellowship Church was able to immediately put funds back into ministry that their previous mortgage lender had mandated not to do. Pastor Paul Reece said, “CIF has given us the ability to manage our own finances, and they don’t micromanage everything that we do. Yes, they require us to be good stewards, but they give us the ability to fund the ministries that God has called us to do in the way that God is leading us.”

Another result for Faith Fellowship Church was that their mortgage was financed for its entire term, not just for the next five years as with their previous mortgage holder. This helped alleviate any future concern of having their mortgage lender discard their business. 


"We have found nothing but blessing in our relationship with CIF.  During the economic downturn of 2009-2010 we were unable to secure commercial refinancing for our church facilities.  At just the right time, CIF was able to provide the financing we needed.  We were double blessed to know that resources were being reinvested in churches and planting missions. We later gained an adjustment of the interest rate that helped us support other missions and ministries for the Gospel of Christ."  - Senior Pastor Dr. Jeff Hoy