Iglesia ACM de Queens

Capital Campaigns Case Study


  • Spanish-speaking
  • Urban, intercity New York
  • Average weekly attendance is 400 people

Ministry Challenge

Iglesia ACM de Queens, a Spanish-speaking church, outgrew its building in Queens, NY.  To continue furthering God's vision for their church, Iglesia ACM de Queens needed a larger facility. They tried fundraising efforts such as food sales, tours to Israel and a previous capital campaign, but all lacked biblical perspective.  As Pastor Osvaldo "Ozzie" Cruzado put it, "We wanted a campaign with biblical values to hopefully avoid the risk of turning the church into a 'market,' which would alienate our new visitors and new believers.”

Partnering with Christian Investors Financial (CIF)

CIF’s David Viland visited Iglesia ACM de Queens’ leaders and shared CIF's vision for a campaign based on 1 Chronicles 29 when King David was called by God to build His temple. Iglesia ACM de Queens decided to work with CIF to create a campaign plan that was tailored to the unique culture of their ministry. Great progress was made, but then Hurricane Sandy hit. The church leaders were concerned about continuing the campaign. Pastor Ozzie said, "We were hesitant, but David helped us to strike a balance, and we moved forward unafraid with sensitivity and courage. He did this by asking us the right questions." Another challenge occurred when the church needed to raise $300,000 in one weekend in order to secure their future building. "We faced a Jordan crossing moment when we had to appeal to the congregation for additional funds. David provided the advice that allowed us to raise over $350,000 on one Sunday!" said Pastor Ozzie. God continued to work in the midst of these challenges.

Ministry Outcome

Through God’s direction in their capital campaign, Iglesia ACM de Queens raised funds far above their goal and purchased a facility large enough to meet their needs. As they prepare to start renovations on this facility, the church is looking forward to new ministry opportunities. They have moved to four services on Special Sundays (about eight times a year) and hope to add an English-speaking service. Iglesia ACM de Queens gives all the glory to God in this capital campaign process.  As Pastor Ozzie said, "We cannot take credit for this just as the rooster cannot take credit for the sunrise."


"The combination of CIF's team, compassionate heart and sound fundraising experience enabled us to reach and surpass our goals. We are grateful for our partnership and the respect you showed to our church's unique culture."  - Pastor Osvaldo Cruzado