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Pathway Church

More than 40 years ago, two Bible studies combined with the shared passion of reaching people in their community for Christ. The result of their combined efforts was Pathway Church.

These many decades later, some 1,500 people now call Pathway home. But it’s Pathway’s unique focus that has helped it continue to carry on its founding vision.

During a building phase in the early 2000s, Pathway purchased more than 10 acres of land. Even though they didn’t have a plan yet for the land, they realized that they would need it someday.

That “someday” happened several years ago when Pathway partnered with CIF on a loan to expand their campus.

The church was feeling “building locked.”

“[We] just did a lot of surveys and a lot of prayer and really felt what we needed to do was have a space for our kids,” said John Westurn, executive pastor of Pathway Church.

The new 25,000 square foot building has a couple of main focusses. First is a special needs ministry. “There is no ministry within about a 30-minute radius for kids with special needs,” Westurn continued.

The second focus in on a playland that is open to the public Monday thru Friday and every other Saturday. The vast majority of the kids who use the playland are unchurched—solidifying the vision the church founders had more than 40 years ago to reach the unreached in their community for Christ!

“CIF has been everything and then some to us,” Westurn concluded. “CIF has been amazing, just in how to work with, to relate with, to see it as a ministry, to help us with questions along the way—much, much easier than I had anticipated.”

Church expansion … and reaching the unreached for Christ.

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