Redeemer City people in common space Redeemer City people in common space
Redeemer City Church

What happens when a church has a vision to serve its city and offer help in an under-resourced neighborhood?

Redeemer City Church was planted about five years ago in “a city that is mostly post-Christian and has a very low view of the Church,” said Pastor Casey Johnson.

The church wanted to find a space of their own that would not only meet their needs but also the needs of their community.  

“We thought this space would work great for our needs and would fit perfectly our desire to serve our city by opening our space to others,” Johnson continued. “However, we were well short of what we needed to both buy the building and renovate the space to work not only for us but for the community. So we sought CIF for help with our loans.”

The result?

A beautiful building that is now helping Redeemer chase its vision of serving the city.

“We have established multiple partnerships within our community who use our space,” Johnson said. “A local school district just used our space to give away school supplies to those in need and almost 400 people came through our doors. One of the schools within this district [recently started] after-school programming … and through that relationship a play group is meeting here on Mondays. We also have a local social worker and food pantry who use our space.”

And the partnership with CIF has served Redeemer well.

“CIF was competitive in their rates, easy to work with, and helped us get into a building that not only has helped us grow the church but to better serve our community and further establish ourselves within our city,” Johnson concluded.

Facilitating gospel infiltration …     

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