Village Bible Evangelical Free Church

Capital Campaigns Case Study


  • The typical age of church attendees is over 60 years old
  • Church located in Bella Vista, AR, which is a planned retirement development that was created in 2006
  • Average weekly attendance is 160 people 

The following case study is comprised of the words as told by Pastor Mark Voll of Village Bible Evangelical Free Church.

Ministry Challenge

“A few years ago, the church I serve felt it was adequately prepared to conduct its own campaign to raise funds for a proposed building project and that spending money on a campaign consultant was unnecessary. The Moderator and I did our best [to perform a campaign at the church], but it fell far short of the goals and the project had to be put on hold. 

“When the impetus for the building project was revived, as it needed to be, it was decided by the leadership that we should talk with Christian Investors Financial (CIF) about leading the campaign for our church.”

Partnering with Christian Investors Financial

“Enter David Viland, a CIF Consultant. He came in with a clear desire to help us succeed with what we believed to be our God-mandated vision. From the beginning, the focus with our leadership was on helping us see how God has worked in the past through those who were proactively faithful to the vision He gave them. David led Bible studies in Nehemiah, Chronicles and Corinthians. He expected all of us to be able to articulate the basic principles at work -- the timeless principles that we would apply to our God-given vision.

“CIF’s biblical approach provided the framework, and David organized us so that no one person had too much to do or too much power. He trained our leaders, making the expectations clear while keeping us focused on God’s provision, not only for the outcome but also for the process. He ‘sold us’ on the process that would result in a successful outcome – not because of our great endeavors, but because God would surely bless our faithful and faith-filled efforts.

“The congregation, long before being asked to make commitments, caught the leadership’s enthusiasm and biblical focus for the campaign. Unity was evident and people were becoming excited about the possibilities.

“David kept us accountable for our part while he also taught us new skills and encouraged us to trust God and what we were learning.”

Ministry Outcome

“Ultimately, we not only raised 100 percent of our goal, we exceeded it by an additional 33 percent in upfront gifts and three-year commitments! The votes on a construction budget, construction loan and the sale of our current property were all unanimous! In addition, regular giving has not suffered at all.”


“We are grateful to CIF and David for helping us achieve success with our campaign. We know that working with David will reap blessings in our church for many years to come. No one has questioned the decision to use CIF.”