Campaigns & Consulting

Catalyst for Effective Ministry

Christian Investors Financial (CIF) helps churches raise needed funds for ministry expansion. By seeking first to understand each church and ministry, our Campaigns & Consulting services are customized to fit your specific context. It is our passion for creating environments where churches and ministries excel and transform lives.

CIF Campaigns & Consulting serves both EFCA and like-minded churches and ministries. With our specialized ministry focus, CIF takes the guesswork out of planning, implementing and advancing projects. We also don’t shy away from challenging situations but face them head-on. It is our desire to follow God’s direction and advance His kingdom…starting with your church or ministry.


Capital Campaigns

Consulting Services

Capital Campaign Services helps raise money for land acquisition, building projects, ministry expansion and debt reduction. 

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Consulting Services for Feasibility Studies & Surveys, Mission & Vision Clarification, Strategic Planning, Financial Consulting and Governance & Operations. 

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The Essence of Campaigns & Consulting

At the heart of Campaigns & Consulting is biblical generosity and stewardship:

  • Biblical Generosity: a character trait flowing from a transformed, giving heart that is expressed through action
  • Biblical Stewardship: a responsibility to manage talents, resources and abilities given to us by God that are to be used for His glory, not our own. It is the understanding that we’re not owners but, rather, caretakers of everything God has entrusted to us. 

In addition to Capital Campaigns and Financial Consulting, biblical generosity and stewardship are incorporated into all areas of CIF Campaigns & Consulting. These two principles are mentioned over 2,300 times in the Bible, which is significantly more than any other topic. We place great importance on integrating generosity and stewardship into all areas of our lives. 


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