Construction Line of Credit

“CIF was interested in making sure they could finance the church building completely, including the fixtures and furniture, which are often overlooked. They wanted to make sure the money covered everything so that the church was completely move-in ready after being built.”
John Murray, Elder at Grace Church (Sahuarita, AZ)

Financing Church Expansion

We offer construction lines of credit for new buildings or facility renovations through a highly competitive lending program. 

Key Program Benefits:

  • We extend construction lines of credit so that your church can make various loan draws as needed for construction costs.  When construction is completed, usually within a year, the outstanding balance on the construction line of credit is automatically converted to a Real Estate Term Loan with a long-term repayment.  No additional fees or paperwork are necessary when the construction line of credit converts to a term loan.
  • Unlike commercial lenders who may take 30 days to pay contractors, we make it easier and less expensive so contractors are paid quickly. This helps build the relationship between the church and contractor.
  • We allow for interest-only payments during the construction period (normally one year or less).
  • We advance only what is needed during construction, thereby reducing interest costs. The whole loan does not need to be drawn at the beginning of the project.
  • By utilizing the Sources and Uses Form, we make sure preparations and purchases are accounted for in all stages of the construction loan process. 

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