Feasibility Studies & Surveys

Determining Project Viability

Your church or ministry has decided to move forward a major project or campaign. You may ask:

  • Is our church ready for this major project? 
  • Is our mission and vision understood by the congregation? Do they agree with it? Do they co-own the mission and vision?
  • Does our constituency support our leadership?
  • How much should we reasonably expect to raise in a campaign?

When partnering with Christian Investors Financial (CIF), questions are answered, including the ultimate question of “Is our plan feasible?”

CIF Feasibility Studies & Surveys is extremely helpful in determining the viability of a campaign or project. Church leaders and congregants are involved in this process as we conduct interviews and surveys. As a confidential and neutral third party, we evaluate the potential success of your plan.

We use any or all of the following approaches to gather information:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Web-based surveys
  • Telephone interviews
  • Mail-in surveys 

Through gathering and assessing information, the following objectives for projects are met:

  • Determine if the campaign or project is feasible
  • Establish the amount of money likely to be raised for a project
  • Assess the church’s readiness for a campaign
  • Identify realistic goals for the campaign
  • Outline an effective fundraising strategy
  • Align the mission & vision statements of the church leadership and congregants
  • Help “educate” the congregation about their mission & vision, project and generosity

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