Financial Consulting

Providing Financial Guidance

Finance isn't taught in seminary. Christian Investors Financial (CIF) is here to help and much of the financial consulting we provide is offered at no cost. We give direction in:

  • Developing a ministry culture that embraces biblical, financial generosity
  • Recommending the financial capacity of your project
  • Finding resources needed to help manage church finances
  • Evaluating lenders when thinking about a new mortgage on a facility
  • Providing budgeting advice when taking on a campaign or mortgage for the first time
  • Creating solutions to financial ministry struggles

Finances can make or break a campaign and, unfortunately, it’s often an area that’s overlooked at a church or ministry. If congregants don’t have trust in how a church’s finances are used, they may not have confidence in the church’s overall vision. Because we realize that it can affect all ministry areas, CIF is motivated to help by providing financial consulting to enforce trust. It is our desire for your church or ministry to excel.

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