To fit your ministry’s needs.

A loan with CIF gives churches the flexibility to finance--or refinance--their church’s unique real estate needs. This means that new buildings are constructed, classrooms or youth rooms are expanded upon, or renovation of your current campus is completed. Whatever the reason, these funds are made available by mission-minded individuals who invest with CIF, and by other churches or ministries who pay CIF mortgages. Because of this, when you take out a loan with CIF, ministry happens.


Construction Line of Credit: 

Perfect for the church or ministry needing to construct a new facility or remodel an existing facility. A CIF construction loan is a great way to finance your project. After the construction period is over, your loan will automatically convert to a Real Estate Term Loan so there is no need to refinance.

Real Estate Term Loans:

If you're in need of a more long-term financing solution, we have you covered as well. CIF's real estate term loans offer a 10-25 year financing option with some of the most competitive rates and terms (and no prepayment penalties).

Keeping you on track.

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While providing the support you need.

We value relationships, not transactions.


Our team will help you make the best financial decision.

Church Lending Experts:

Loans for churches is what we do; we’re experts at it.

Large & Small Solutions:

We tailor solutions to you--from under $100,000 to about $10 Million.


CIF solely focuses on church lending.

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CIF has been more than a financial partner where we have received very competitive interest rates …. CIF has been a partner in prayer, in advising, and in board development. I turn to them for ministry advice as well as financial counsel.

Herb Bloomquist,
Executive Director of Shamineau Ministries
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