Governance & Operations

Aligning Ministry Framework

Governance is the framework that holds the organization of a church or ministry together. Unity, direction, healthy relationships, consistent strategy communication and operational planning are critical aspects to make a church’s board and governance successful. With governance comes responsibility:

  • Is your church’s leadership stewarding their authority with the care and love of the church?
  • Are we following God’s plan or our congregation’s preferences?
  • Are we relying on tradition or God’s vision?

Christian Investors Financial (CIF) can help you create, fine-tune or completely re-create your governance infrastructure to maximize the effectiveness of your ministry. CIF Consultants work with churches and ministries of all sizes, geographies, personalities and missions because we know effective Governance & Operations consulting is not one-size-fits-all. 

We assist in sorting through obstacles and issues to find the right answers for your unique ministry. Basic steps include:

  1. Reviewing your current structure
  2. Evaluating alternative governance models
  3. Deciding on the best fit
  4. Implementing a plan

CIF wants to set your Governance & Operations up for success so that your church’s or ministry’s potential is maximized and utilized.

If you realize your governance isn’t optimized for your church’s current situation, size, age or vision, contact us to learn more about our Governance & Operations services.