Investment Options

Types of Investment Opportunities

Not only will you earn interest through our Investment Certificates, you will also be supporting churches and ministries with loan funds. With our investors, we accomplish more together. 

Demand Certificates 

A Demand Certificate* is a flexible investment option – you can add or take out money, in whole and in part, when needed. It earns interest at a variable rate that adjusts occasionally. A Demand Certificate also has a low minimum investment of $100 or $50, if it’s an UTMA Certificate. A great option for investing for current needs or a future purchase. 

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Term Certificates

A Term Certificate** generally offers a higher return than a Demand Certificate in exchange for investing your funds for a specific time period. The rate of interest is fixed and the certificate is payable at maturity (subject to the availability of funds) if not automatically or otherwise reinvested**. Term Certificates are available for terms of 90 days through five years and require an initial minimum investment of $1,000 (for one- to five-year terms) or $10,000 (for 90-day terms). A reduced minimum of $500 is available for one- to five-year term certificates opened for the benefit of a minor. A smart opportunity for those looking for a fixed-income investment. 

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

An Individual Retirement Account is a resourceful way to prepare for the future. We have an arrangement with a trust company offering self-directed IRAs that will facilitate the purchase of our Term Certificates** of one year or longer. Two types of IRAs are available: 

  • Traditional IRA: Depending on eligibility, contributions may be tax deductible. In addition, the earnings grow tax deferred until distributions begin.
  • Roth IRA: Although deductible contributions aren’t allowed, there is tax-free growth so no tax is owed when receiving distributions in retirement.

IRAs are subject to the rules and regulations for IRAs as set forth in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations. Consultation with a competent financial and tax adviser is recommended.

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Types of Investment Ownership

We facilitate the following types of ownership for our Investment Certificates:

  • Individual Ownership
  • Joint Ownership: Two or more people as joint tenants
  • Churches, other organizations or business entities (Please provide a resolution authorizing the investment)
  • Trusts (Customers will need to provide a copy of the Trust agreement)
  • UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors): Certificates owned by minors but managed by a custodian. When the minor reaches age 21, the funds become theirs and custodianship ceases. UTMA Certificates are governed by the Minnesota Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.

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* Demand Certificates: You can redeem the money, in whole and in part, with at least 30 days’ prior written notice to CIF, subject to the availability of funds. Not available in all states.
** Term Certificates are subject to a substantial penalty if redeemed prior to maturity. The below table shows how the penalty is calculated. Automatic renewal is not available in all states.

Term Penalty
90-Days Forfeiture of 30 days of interest on the principal amount redeemed
Over 90 Days to 1 Year Forfeiture of 90 days of interest on the principal amount redeemed
Over 1 Year to 2 Years Forfeiture of 120 days of interest on the principal amount redeemed
Over 2 Years Forfeiture of 180 days of interest on the principal amount redeemed