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“Better Together” – that’s what CIF has been all about for over 56 years. In our ministry, we are the middle-man between two groups:

  • On one side are investors, who are kingdom-minded folks that want to see churches and ministries grow, in addition to earning interest on their investments.
  • On the other side are churches and ministries who we serve through real estate loans, campaigns and a wide variety of consultative services.

CIF loans the invested funds to churches for facility needs. The churches pay us back over time with interest, which allows us to pay back our investors and cover our operational needs. Working together, we can do what no individual investor or church can do alone. Our deepest passion is to see people’s lives changed for eternity through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and our greatest desire is to serve the needs of everyone in which we come in contact. We strive every day to help churches, ministries and individuals be everything God wants them to be. So, if you would like to partner with us as an investor – or if your church or ministry has a need we can help meet - it would bring us great joy to have you join us on the journey!


Kingdom Focus

CIF shares your passion for building ministries and churches that make a difference in the world and in God's kingdom.

People Building
We’re in the business of helping churches and ministries build stories of transformed lives.

Servant-Hearted Service 
Our relationship-based service puts you, the customer, as our top priority. 

Church and Ministry Expertise
CIF's 55+ years of experience and expertise in churches and ministries make us a great choice for faith-based organizations. 

Extra Wisdom, No Extra Charge
Because your success is our success, CIF provides invaluable advice, insight and wisdom to you throughout the process.
Catalytic Strategies  
CIF's behind-the-scenes planning ensures that churches and ministries maximize their potential through best practice solutions.

Fiscal Soundness
CIF maintains a conservative approach to finances with stewardship as our priority. 

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