Loan Guidelines

Basics of Loan Qualification

CIF Loans are tailored to meet your needs. It’s our priority to give a realistic amount for a loan so it’s manageable for your church or ministry. With a ministry heart, we provide free consultative advice at any stage in your process.

The following is a summary of certain guidelines established by CIF for use in considering loan requests. The list below is not all-inclusive. The final determination of loan qualification is at CIF's discretion and detailed by your final loan documents.

To qualify for a loan, a church should:

  • Have total debt service plus any rental payments not exceed 25% of the congregation’s general giving
  • Have total outstanding loans not exceed 80% of the property value for loans of $300,000 or less, and 75% of the property value for loans over $300,000 [the value of the property in our loan to value calculation is the lower amount of 1) appraised value, or 2) purchase price (if to be purchased) plus improvement costs]
  • Have an appraisal for loans over $300,000 prepared by a Certified Real Estate Appraiser [Loans to like-minded churches over $100,000 usually require a similar type of appraisal.]
  • Be in existence for a minimum of 3 years
  • Be incorporated
  • Have a history of stable or increasing attendance and general giving over the past three years
  • Be current on all its existing financial obligations
  • Be an affiliated church or ministries with the EFCA or be like-minded church that agrees with the NAE Statement of Faith and does not have a denominational lender available  

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